Closet Clean Out Pt 1

With the new year here, I want to make sure you, my reader is walking into the new year like you are always fashionably ready. And I don't mean ready with your high school jeans that you just can't seem to get rid off, or your safety sweater that looks like it's saved you from life. Girl...time to let go and let god take those clothes to the less fortunate.

I want to help you out and expand that fashion section of this blog that I have been talking so much about. Starting this off with the essentials in your closet. These next few posts will help you be the fashionable chic woman you are SUPPOSED to and want to be. So let's get started.

1. Classic Black Leather Jacket

Now this is a must! No matter what the occasion, this jacket can either clean up your look or give you the edge you were looking for. When you are ready to make the purchase, you need to take it a step further and get good quality leather. Preferably something that is heavier in weight so it will last you and is durable. Start off with black and when you are comfortable and financially ready, expand to other colors if you choose.

Brands: Blk Dnm, Veda, Acne, Belstaff, All Saints

2. A Classic Skinny

When it comes to a chill day, I still want you to look your best. I will always choose a dark or black skinny no matter what the season because it always pulls together a look. However once you have found your perfect skinny, you can play with color at your own risk. The number one rule here is that it compliments your shape [no muffin tops or cracks showing I beg you!]. Side note, ladies if something doesn't completely work, your neighborhood tailor is your new best friend. Just have things altered to your liking. 

Brands: J Brand, Rag & Bone, Top Shop, L'Agence

3. High Waisted Skirt

A high waisted skirt is an easy plug in for any outfit. Whether you decide to wear it with a chunky knit, blazer, or crop top; This piece shows off the feminine figure and can make any outfit look good. Great for date night and work, no matter the material or style. Should you have issues with the waist not fitting, once again, your tailor is your best friend.

Brands: Asos, Alice & Olivia, ABS, Brunello Cucinelli

4. Trench Coat

Whenever I think of a trench coat, I always think of the well put businessmen walking down saville row with their briefcases, derby shoes and personalized umbrellas. Well ladies, why aren't we looking just as well put together, whether it's in our wellingtons, heels or chucks that personalize our own look. You can always get frisky and be a streaker with nothing under for your bf, but that's a completely different post. Either way, this classic piece is something to always have in your closet. 

Brands: Asos, J.CrewBurberry Brit, Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum

5. Boyfriend Jean

This has got to be one of my favorite sections because I live in my boyfriend jeans on my off days, I have the patched holes to prove it. What I think is so great about the boyfriend jean is that its one article of clothing that can give you so much comfort and yet still look so chic. Let's be honest ladies, how many luxuries do we have like that? We all know that saying "Pain is Beauty, Beauty is Pain". Well in this scenario, beauty is comfort. Get into it as much as you can!

Brands: Current/Elliott, AG JeansOne Teaspoon, J. Crew, Top Shop

6. Crisp Clean Button Down

When it comes to a Button there are so many alternatives to this classic staple. You can always go for the oxford shirt that has a great collar, but choose you want something with a french cuff. Either way this is a category you want to have, but make sure you have options and have fun with it. Yes, you should without a doubt have a classic crisp style just for those interviews, but you want to switch it up whenever possible!

Brands: Vince, Stella McCartney, St. John, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Akris Punto, Elie Tahari 

50 Amazing Women's Business Fashion Trends (11).jpg

7. Blazer

If you ever feel like your outfit just isn't cutting it, 9 times out of 10 if you throw blazer on it, it can pull the outfit together. Some people don't realize how essential a classic blazer can be. You can also always opt for a boyfriend blazer, which is even more of a statement piece when stepping out. Just make sure you have one for each of these looks. 

Brands: J. Crew, Asos, Top Shop, Stella McCartney, Theory

8. White or Black Tee

No matter the situation, you need to purchase a good basic black and white tee. This shirt will become part of your lazy day outfit when running errands. Make sure this is a just a simple cotton breathable piece. You don't want to make this piece too difficult because then you actually have to think about how the whole outfit will come together. 

Brands: Rag & Bone, T by Alexander Wang, Comptoir des Cotonniers

9. Clean Slacks

No matter what the job profile is, you want to always have a great pair of slacks that are not too tight or too big. These pants should cut perfectly on the butt and still give your legs the right amount of breathing room. These pants can be cropped, wide leg, drop crotch, whatever, as long as it's cut just right for your body type. Please just remember these are pants to land a job, not a man. That's a completely different type of pant, however if they do both, then you are 10 steps ahead of the game.

Brands: 3.1 Phillip Lim, MSGM, AkrisThe Row, Acne

10. Little Black Dress [lbd]

We all know about these dresses. I will be the first to let it be known, this dress should be classic, beautiful and even give a hint of a sexy goddess. I am all about feeling like a princess when I put on my lbd. This dress can be worn on a first date, work function and everything in between. This dress can be a baby doll dress, fit and flare, tunic, A-line; it doesn't matter. Just make sure you pick something that makes you look and feel pretty.

Brands: Reformation, Tibi, Top Shop, Black Halo, ABS


Now ladies go off and use what you've learned to get your life together. Any questions just hit me up...I am always here to help!! Stay tuned for more of your closet clean out 


Note: All Pictures were provided with pinterest