#BloggerBooStaycation Part 1


Its not often that I met a group of girls and automatically think about the next time I'd like to hang with them again. However this weekend had to be one of those very very rare moments. Lets rewind back to the beginning, when a girlfriend and fellow blogger friend of mine, Nanthale, invited me to do a blogger staycation which we would redo our own version of "Girls Trip". Which if you haven't seen already, you must! All my friends I have the cross between Tiffany Haddish's character Dina and Regina Halls' character Ryan. Like I said, see the movie to understand!

We were going to kick off the weekend with Museum Hack tickets at the Met for the #BABS tour [Bad Ass Bitches of the Met]. Now you know I want to meet all these bad ass ladies, because obviously they are taping to who all of us are. Woman Within at Full Beauty took care of us and we looked really cute and chill for our Saturday fits. You know I live for an off the shoulder situation and a classic dark denim jean all day long.


Nanthale, Brooke, Marcy, Jonquel, Sara (our tour guide), me and Marlena.

We all decided to meet an hour before the tour to get aquatinted with each other, and I got to meet the lovely ladies who fast became G6. Jonquel, Marcy, Marlena, and Brooke were all smart, are down to earth, and fashionable women. The tour would prove even more how funny we all were once together. We had two games we played while on the tour, first was to find the best piece of work possible with a vagina [compared to men there just wasn't enough to get pictures of] and the second was to take pictures of different piece and tell us what the person in the painting was thinking [I was having too much fun with this game].

From here our tour guide Sara invited us to have some free ice cream sandwiches at the Meatball Shop, which was so amazing! I had the snickerdoodle and vanilla ice cream combo which was so worth the walk in the heat! I had already been a big fan of the Meatball shop, but now it'll be on another level! 

Our last stop of the night was obviously to watch the "Girls Trip" movie, however we took it to another level and watched it at the iPic theater. Ladies and gentlemen, iPic theater was definitely more pricey but it was very worth it. You have your own server to help you go through their massive menu of dinner, snack, dessert, soft drinks and soft drinks. You are also provided with blankets, pillows and complimentary popcorn. Now tell me you wouldn't love that? 


We had a blast being silly, real, and honest, but this was only part one!