Sexy Summer Necessities!


Ladies, summer has been slowly creeping it's way through these cold days and I am totally here for it. However what I am NOT here for, is the mess I am about to see some of you pull. As much as I love my readers, I know that some of you are not so undergarment aware. But this is why you have me in your lives right?

We all know, sheer tops, deep plunge line dresses, and bodycon dresses are all some of our summer favorites, however we all need a little help executing the look. So here is a breakdown of everything you need this summer to keep it looking cute and extra sexy!


Commando is every girl's best friend. When it comes time to put on your favorite little black dress, or bodycon dress, commando is the best underwear. It's seamless, and hugs the body perfectly. No more pantie lines, no more worrying whether or not people can see the thong or granny panties you might have on. No fuss! 

Breast Petals

When you are looking to wear that sheer dress or blouse that tends to show almost everything, this is your go to. She covers up the nips and lets you go about your business. The adhesive on these petals are pretty strong so it can last you the whole day. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can go to your local ricky's store and find some fun designs, otherwise this classic style will always hold you down.

Adhesive Body Bar

Like the Breast Petals, the adhesive body bar not only covers the nips, but holds the cleavage in the right area. However, to my very busty girls, this item will only get you so far. Please don't underestimate what you've got. However this is perfect for a strapless/plunge line type of situation. 


Dress Tape

Now this is a must have. Dress Tape can help anywhere, from fixing a hem on a dress, to holding down the life of jiggling breasts. This item is usually used to help fabric stay intact so you don't have any nip slips. It can also be used for pushing the breasts closer or farther apart depending on the look you are going for. But whatever the occasion, this is always handy. 

Backless Bra

Pretty self explanatory. Backless dress/top situation, this bra can still hold you up and in place if you aren't looking to free the boobs just yet.


High Waisted Spanx

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS IN HER CLOSET! Now I don't care how skinny, fat, tall, and/or short you are; the high waisted spank is your best friend, sister, cousin, mother and aunt rolled into one. This bad boy will sick you all in and smooth everything out. I love this spank because EVERY CLIENT I have ever worked with has now sworn by it. When shopping for this item, you can go for your right size to get a smoothing effect, however if you want to be snatched for the gods, go one size down. Just know that if you go the size down, be prepared not to eat [you will not make it through].


Full Body Spanx

Now if you are looking to take it a step further and have everything sitting in place, this is also your friend. This is for the woman who just wants an extra nudge when it comes to the tummy bulge. This body spank is worn over the bra, while you may look a little silly under the dress, everyone will take a second look when they see all the amazing curves you've got. 


Ladies these are my little gems for you...please don't just read and forget about it. Put them into practice and in your closet. It will help you in the long run.