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No longer just 30, but officially 30 something...oye! Still grasping the idea and everything that has come with it thus far. It's been some kind of journey, but day by day I feel like I'm closer to my calling...whatever that may be. Yes I am in my thirties and don't really know my complete calling in life, but I know what it isn't. So here's to the next steps in life and the great stories that come with my hot mess life! 



With a mother for a seasmstress, I was only bound to work in the fashion industry. Making matching outfits for my sister and myself with non other than matching ribbons in our hair, it was the Haitian way. 

Flash forward to me working, fashion shows, on major campaign sets to dressing for red carpets, I've dabbled in it all. Continously growing my portfolio of major and minor names, I do it for the love of all things beautiful.